Benefits of a breast augmentation operation

Benefits of a breast augmentation operation

More proportionate breasts to your figure: It is the main aesthetic improvement that occurs. Not only because the breast is more voluminous and you can feel more feminine, but also because it will improve the harmony of your body. Proportions are important!

You will like looking at yourself in the mirror again. In addition, you will never compare yourself with the rest of your circle of friends.

Clothes will fit you better: get ready to show off your best neckline. Low-cut dresses and t-shirts will fit you better than ever.

Spectacular increase in self-esteem: Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are very satisfied with the result. Not only do you get a more voluminous breast, but you also increase your self-esteem. You will feel full and sure of yourself. Nothing can stop you!  

They will improve sexual relations: You will feel more desirable and with fewer physical complexes. This will help you relax and lose sight of the constant worries about the size of your chest that have prevented you from fully enjoying yourself until now.

No more problems when going to the beach: You can dare to wear any model of swimsuit or bikini because now all of them will look good on you. You may even be encouraged to try going topless.

It will be easier to go shopping: Everything will be fine for you. Now the complicated thing will be having to choose what you keep!

You will return to being what you were after breastfeeding: If in your case the loss of breast volume has been due to breastfeeding, you will see yourself again as you were before.

It is not necessary to change the implants at 10 years: Today breast prostheses are very resistant. They do not have an expiration date and it is only necessary to change them if a problem arises with them or you suspect that your breast implants may break.

To detect possible implant ruptures, since most are asymptomatic, it is important to regularly monitor the condition of your breast prostheses

The results are immediate: 48 hours later you can show off your new neckline. Just keep in mind that the volume may be a little higher at first due to swelling.

Surgery with few complications: You will be able to return to work almost immediately and lead a practically normal life after 4 days.

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