Gluteal augmentation

The gluteal augmentation is one of the surgeries that in recent times is being requested more and more. Today we have several options to achieve adequate results and with reduced risks within which 2 safe methods are recommended, any information to these 2 options is not safe and it is recommended not to undergo unsafe procedures.

  • Buttock Augmentation With Fat Injection

Also known as Brazilian buttock augmentation surgery or as gluteal lipoinjection, it is considered the most popular and currently most safely practiced in the world, obtaining excellent results.

In this method, the fat accumulated in the patient's own body is used, where it is collected by means of liposuction of the fat accumulated in the abdomen, back, arms, thigh, etc. And this fat after being processed is placed in the buttocks and in this way mold and enlarge the buttocks with phenomenal results.

It should be noted that this procedure is performed in patients who have extra body fat to be collected, otherwise there is the second option.

  • Gluteal Implants

This procedure is safe and is indicated for those patients who want to increase their gluteal region but are very thin and do not have enough fat available, so in those cases fat transfer is not an effective option.

We must emphasize that the implants must be made of silicone, with high cohesive gel and for medical use, they are inserted through a small incision near the coccyx that is hidden by the intergluteal cleft. Currently the safest way is intramuscular placement.

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