Benefits of tummy tuck surgery

Benefits of tummy tuck surgery

As we anticipated at the beginning, the results of abdominoplasty are not only aesthetic, because by reinforcing the abdominal wall, it is possible to balance the entire torso, reduce the risk of certain diseases and improve sexual function. So we are talking about noticeable benefits for health, physical appearance and self-esteem; which makes abdominoplasty one of the most demanded interventions, both in men and women. But, in case we haven't convinced you yet, we are going to go into detail on each of these positive aspects of abdominal reconstruction. 

1. Better aesthetic appearance

The first and most obvious result. A bulging, flaccid belly without muscle tone worsens our image and can result in self-esteem and confidence problems. Eliminate those flaws and recover a flat and toned abdomen improves the overall appearance. Also, a better appearance affects greater security and self-esteem.

2. Belly fat reduction

The localized fat deposits that tend to accumulate around the belly, apart from making the figure ugly, have negative health consequences. Abdominal surgery, by allowing this fat to be removed, helps to minimize the risk of associated diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cholesterol or certain heart diseases. 

3. Removal of excess skin

Abdominoplasty is also used to remove excess skin that remains after having lost a lot of weight, either naturally or as a result of liposuction, a gastric balloon or the tummy tuck itself. Thanks to this surgery, it is possible remove those unsightly folds of skin that it has lost its elasticity and is no longer able to recover on its own. 

4. Smoother and more defined abs

In addition to extracting accumulations of fat and excess skin, abdominoplasty reconstitutes the tension of the abdominal muscles, giving them back their natural tone. In this way, the abdominals recover their appearance and definition, improving the appearance and strength of the abdomen. 

5. Decreased back pain

By removing excess fat and improving muscle tone, a tummy tuck rebalances core strength, reducing back strain and, with it, the possible pains. Also, strengthened muscles and a rested back help improve posture. Which, in the long run, prevents even more problems related to the spine and lower back.

6. Improved sexual intercourse

Last but not least, tummy tuck surgery also helps improve sexual intercourse. By tightening the skin and musculature of the abdomen, lThe genitals and the mons pubis regain their youthful positionthus improving its functionality. Likewise, firmer abdominal muscles and a strengthened torso result in a better sexual performance. As you can see, they are all advantages. 

The benefits of a tummy tuck are very diverse and positive. If you are interested in knowing more, do not hesitate to call us and find out if you are the ideal candidate for this intervention. Your new life is waiting for you. 

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