There are multiple surgical or invasive procedures that seek to treat obesity by promoting a loss of body weight in a sustained and controlled manner. Procedures such as the "gastric by pass" and today the most used, the gastric sleeve, are some of the tools that it has. Bariatric Surgery performed by general laparoscopic surgeons.

Effects of massive weight loss:

People undergoing surgical treatment of bariatric surgery aim to reduce their body mass and this results in a large consumption of stored body fat, manifested by a great flaccidity in their tissues (skin and muscles), now, everything hangs and bothers and weighs.

Skin quality:

The fact of subjecting the skin to great tensions as a result of the continuous and increasing storage of fat in obesity, the skin of the obese patient loses many of its physical-chemical characteristics that are responsible for giving it vitality, elasticity and skin firmness, which translates into a very battered skin, with its broken elastic fibers (cutaneous stretch marks) and that gives it an appearance of tired or aged tissue.

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